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Zoe Van Craen


Nice to meet you! I'm a UX Designer from Montreal, looking for a new opportunities.

My friends would tell you that I'm compassionate, empathetic, and a creative problem solver. I'm passionate about interaction design, psychology, and behavior.

I'm looking for employment opportunities in Montreal (in person or remote), or Canada and the US (remote).

My Projects

The projects presented below were done while completing my UX certification with Google. I love that my growth as a UX designer is so clearly tangible when looking at the differences between my first project ('Wich Way?) compared to my last (As We Grow). It really demonstrates just how quickly I learn and adapt, and makes me look forward to how else I will grow with future projects.

As We Grow

My most recent project, As We Grow is a dedicated mobile app with an accompanying adaptive website to help individuals undergoing gender transition. It was created using Figma, and was by far my favorite project. This case study will go into more details about the thought-process and decision making that went behind choosing each feature.

Zen Zoomies

Zen Zoomies is an adaptive website and was my first project created using Adobe Xd. I used a lot of knowledge from my previous field of work (pet care and behavior) to create a webpage for a fictional pet toy rental shop. For this case study, I highlight how I used design to follow my goals for the webpage.

'Wich Way?

'Wich Way? is my debut UX Design project and was created using Figma. Although it is far from perfect, it helped launch my love and interest of the UX Design process. For this case study, I will go into more details of the entire step-by-step journey of the UX Designer.

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