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Zoe Van Craen

UX Designer

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Montreal, QC Canada (in person or remotely)

Canada (remotely)

United States (remotely)


Hello, I'm Zoe! With a background spanning four countries, including my current residence in Canada, I've nurtured a deep love for nature and animals. This passion led me to pursue extensive studies in psychology and behavior, which eventually evolved into a successful business venture. Along the way, my focus shifted to understanding disabilities and exploring how accessibility and accommodations can benefit everyone.

Discovering UX Design felt like the perfect intersection of my past and present passions. It allows me to apply my expertise in psychology and behavior while challenging me to think creatively and problem-solve. I thrive on using these skills to accommodate diverse individuals with varying abilities.

As you explore my portfolio, which showcases my projects from my certification program, you'll gain insight into what I've accomplished in just a few months of intensive study. I'm eager to continue growing and contribute as a talented member of your team.



Dog Training

Video Games



Scuba Diving


Maintenance Team Manager 

MSR Imporium

June 2021 - October 2022

Shipping and Receiving Associate 

MSR Imporium

December 2019 – June 2021

Owner and Head Behaviorist

Zen Zoomies

June 2016 – December 2019

  • Manage and oversee the maintenance and placements of inventory and perishable stock, optimizing available space while ensuring quality and condition are at their highest

  • Coordinate schedules with team members, often adjusting for inconsistent arrival times of shipments

  • Prepare necessary documentation for importation of goods, ensuring accuracy of information to avoid delays

  • Train and demonstrate how to perform daily and weekly tasks to new team members 

  • Worked independently to prepare shipments to clients throughout the pet care industry

  • Managed warehouse inventory

  • Sales using pet specialty background to help clients chose the right product

  • Networked with pet industry professionals to engage with new clients 

  • Managed finances, scheduling, and independent contractors

  • Managed creative content for website and social media

  • Organized networking events to promote local brands and businesses

  • Head animal behaviour consultant and educator

  • Created protocols and educational tools for clients to modify their pet’s behaviour







Montreal, QC Canada (in person or remotely)

Canada (remotely)

United States (remotely)


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